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we want to take this opportunity to remind san diego what makes mcgann facial design unique when it comes to jaw surgery. the title says it all: our passion, our process, our difference.

our passion

we at mcgann facial design have seen firsthand the impact that one’s facial appearance or profile can have on how individuals feel about themselves – their sense of identity, their self-confidence, and ultimately their lifestyle. this is far from surprising. after all, our faces are how we present ourselves to the world. this is why we go beyond jaw surgery, we specialize in lifestyle facial design, incorporating all the elements of form and function into a surgical goal that is both achievable and impactful.

our process

the heart of our process begins and ends with putting our patients first. after a thorough initial consultation with dr. mcgann, there may be additional studies and/or images that need to be performed in order to determine the best operative approach or if surgery is even indicated. the mcgann facial design team explains every step along the way to ensure that our patients are well-informed comfortable with the process.

our difference

this is where mcgann facial design is truly unique. we understand that patients and their families are often more comfortable in an office setting, versus a hospital setting. for this reason, our fully accredited office-based surgical approach makes sense for most of our patients (depending upon the extent of surgery). our smile lab is designed to help our patients feel comfortable and at-ease both before and after surgery. we know that recovery begins at home, which is why dr. mcgann personally calls every patient the day of surgery to check-in, see how they are progressing, and answer any questions.


in the end, all of these little but important details make up lifestyle facial design, and drive our desire for excellence. if you or a loved one are considering jaw surgery, call or email us to schedule a consultation today. but don’t just take our word for it, read what our patients are saying about us on yelp!

to learn more about mcgann facial design and what makes us unique, visit our website at

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