Spring Cleaning!


March 20th was the First Day of Spring!
It’s time for some Spring Cleaning!


Spring is here! What a great time of year! The days are getting longer and all of the great things associated with Spring are here now or are right around the corner – spring flowers, spring break, and naturally spring cleaning! As a dental professional’s website, you can imagine where this is headed.

The history of the term spring cleaning is varied, with different meanings coming from the Middle East as well as Europe and the Americas. Regardless of the origin, our modern interpretation of the term is to open the windows, to let the sun shine in, and to tackle that project or task that has been lingering all winter long…perhaps that project is your mouth and oral health?

We all know that we should see a dental professional at least twice a year. Or do we? According to a 2012 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • 81.4% of children ages 2-17 had a dental visit in the past year
  • 61.6% of adults ages 18-64 had a dental visit in the past year
  • 61.2% of adults ages 65 and over had a dental visit in the past year


While there are a number of reasons why people might forgo seeing a dentist, this article is about Spring cleaning! Roll-up your sleeves, tackle that issue, and go get your teeth cleaned! All joking aside, we know that putting off routine visits can and often does lead to more serious oral health problems, so don’t delay in making an appointment with your dentist today.

At McGann Facial Design, we naturally want people to have happy and healthy mouths. If you do have a problem that requires an oral surgeon, we are always here for you—regardless of the season.

*Source credit: CDC Oral & Dental Health Data


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