Dental Implants

AIM - Advanced Implant Method

Advance Planning

Computerized model creation reduces surgery time from 1 hr to 20 minutes for each implant.

Initial Placement

Using CT scan models, placement of the implant is precise, resulting in fewer complications, less pain and can avoid additional procedures like bone grafting.

Methods of Safety

Ensuring patient safety and comfort is our top priority, working only with certified dental anesthesia assistants.

Our AIM - Advanced Implant Method

Our Advanced Implant Method is designed with one goal in mind—provide you and all our patients a long-term solution for tooth loss (see video below).

  • 1.

    Advance Planning

    Implant method will consist of a CT scan to build a 3D model of your mouth.
  • 2.

    Implant Placement

    The model and scan allow precise implant placement, reducing the rate of known complications
  • 3.

    Methods of Safety

    Our staff is certified to ensure patient safety and comfort.
  • 4.

    Quicker Recovery

    Our AIM provides reduced pain and avoids additional procedures like bone grafting--leading to a quicker recovery.

Dr. Mcgann by far the best oral surgeon out there. Their staff went out there went to resolved insurance issue to make sure I get the best coverage. He helped me with a great financial plan from everything from extraction to implants. Thank you!!! Mcgann Staffs.

Brian R.
Long Beach