Corrective Jaw Surgery

Lifestyle Facial Design means understanding that our face helps shape our identity, confidence, and ultimately our lifestyle–how we choose to FACE the world.

For many of our patients, facing the world can represent a challenge, because of unhappiness with their facial profile. Often times, this dissatisfaction can be traced to misaligned angles of the jaw. Fortunately, in most cases, McGann Facial Design is able to employ advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques to improve facial contours.

Based on our expertise and years of patient observations, these improvements in the shape of one’s face can have a profound impact on how individuals feel about themselves. This, in turn, can foster a stronger sense of identity, confidence and ultimately a positive, healthy lifestyle.

If you are unhappy with your facial profile, please come visit us. Part of Lifestyle Facial Design is about sharing information and McGann Facial Design is passionate about educating people they have a choice. The choice comes from knowing that facial design represents the chance to change how we FACE the world.

We take great care of each patient as we give him or her a confident, new smile and a balanced facial appearance. This starts with a thorough consultation with Dr. McGann followed by the latest 3-D X-ray technology.

If surgery is indicated, the staff at McGann Facial Design will explain every step along the way to make sure patients are informed and comfortable.

We are different from other oral surgery practices, by DESIGN. We ask our patients why they chose McGann Facial Design and here’s what they say most often:

Yelp Reviews. Yelp Reviews are one of the most trusted reviews and our patient reviews and satisfaction are the highest rated in San Diego for oral surgery.

Smile Lab. We designed a new patient care lab focused exclusively on making our patients more comfortable during pre-operative and post-operative treatment including special clean warm blankets and heated IV fluids.

Dr. McGann’s nightly check-up phone call. Dr. McGann calls each patient nightly to check-up on how they are feeling and answer any questions.