Patient Safety


Board Certified

Going to see an oral surgeon is an important decision and Dr. Grant McGann is board-certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. What does that mean? A board-certified oral surgeon has undergone years of rigorous training and testing for performing procedures. In addition, board-certified oral surgeons undergo periodic review by peers, hold a commitment and requirement to lifelong learning, and ultimately uphold the highest standards of oral surgery practice. In short, choosing a board-certified oral surgeon is important first step in having a safe, positive outcome.



Proper planning, administration, and monitoring of patients receiving anesthetic agents is paramount to ensuring patient safety, our number one priority. Dr. McGann holds a California general anesthesia license and the State of California periodically evaluates our facility for measures of safety. Our certified assistants undergo extensive anesthesia training and re-training of emergency medical protocols. Our office is resourced with all necessary medical equipment for an anesthesia emergency, and we are located directly across the street from Sharp Memorial Hospital.


Trust is defined as firm belief, in something or someone. At McGann Facial Design, trust means entering and leaving our care safely, having received only the best oral surgery care. Doing what is right for people sits at the heart of Dr. McGann’s approach to patient care and is a driving force for the entire practice. We know visiting an oral surgeon is an important decision, and for years, patients and their families have put their firm belief in McGann Facial Design.