Game On! Are You Ready For Some Football?!


it’s super bowl sunday!
are you ready for some football?!


we know the big game is this weekend and you are likely already thinking about good times, great friends, funny commercials, and jaw injuries. ok. perhaps one of these was not on your list but it’s probably on kevin huber’s list. who, you may ask, is kevin huber? kevin huber is a punter for the cincinnati bengals. earlier this year, in a game against the pittsburg steelers, he was the recipient of a vicious block during a punt return. although he left the game with a described “dental injury”, it actually turned out to be a broken, or fractured jaw.

fractured jaws usually heal well after treatment, but complications can occur. these complications include but are not limited to: airway blockage, bleeding, breathing blood or food into the lungs, temporary difficulty with eating or talking, infections, and jaw joint (tmj) pain. the most common cause of a broken or dislocated jaw is injury to the face due assault, work related accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and recreational or sports injury.

treatment for a fractured jaw depends on how badly the bone is broken. some minor fractures can heal on their own, but moderate to severe fractures can require surgery. a broken or dislocated jaw requires prompt medical attention, but safe practices in work, sports, and recreation can help prevent some accidental injuries to the face or jaw.

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