A Patient Story: Details Matter

Impressions Matter. Details Matter.
Appearances Matter. Human Connection Matters.
Bottom Line? It’s All in the Details.


All in the Details


Enrique Martinez is a man for whom impressions matter, both in his professional life and in his personal life. Details matter. Appearances matter. Human connection matters. And when he was told by his dentist, Dr. Mark Bishop, that he needed to have his wisdom teeth removed, this would play a role.

Enrique’s First Impression of McGann Facial Design?

“The building was incredible! The office was very good and was impressive for me. I just loved the environment! You could just feel that the whole infrastructure was good.” He found that every person he met in the office was very friendly and that everyone had a great attitude.  By coincidence, he had previously met Enrique Cardenas, who handles the financial services for McGann Facial Design, in another office. “This,” he says, “was a nice sign.” He got a “good vibe” from Nicholas Haynes, one of Dr. McGann’s surgical technicians; and found Beata Pedlowska and Kady Holder, both surgical assistants, to be “professional and so nice!”

As he did not have time to fill out patient paperwork at home, and since Dr. McGann’s office is paperless, Enrique filled out his health history on a computer made available to patients for that reason. He met with Dr. McGann who went through all the details of the procedure, ensuring that all of his questions were answered. Having had a painful extraction previously that was not quite pleasant, he felt it important that Dr. MGann connected with him before, during, and after the surgery. He was not disappointed.


How Did the Office-Based Surgery Go?

Many patients undergoing wisdom tooth extraction choose to be awake for the procedure and not undergo general anesthesia. Enrique is one of those patients.  “On the day of the surgery, everything went beautiful.” He felt that Dr. McGann had a “…great hand, was very patient, empathetic. He made me feel comfortable because he speaks from the heart and has compassion. He is impressive. He is a person who is there for you, and that is important.” During the procedure, Dr. McGann talked him through the process so that he was aware of what was being done and what was coming next. He felt that Dr. McGann was “taking care of my emotions and feelings during the procedure, which is very important, because anyone can pull out teeth. But he was paying attention to my feelings and emotions, which is very important. He asked me questions and explained what he was doing and what was going on.”

After the surgery, Enrique went home as planned and felt fine. But, he says, “I didn’t expect for Dr. McGann to call me! He called 4 or 5 hours afterward. It was a great surprise! Usually a secretary calls. Which I wonder about, because the secretary doesn’t know me. I appreciate that he called directly and asked questions.” Enrique found his recovery to be fast. He indicates that like all extractions, it was a little painful, but overall, he did okay.

Enrique felt that his experience as a customer was very good. So much so, that he posted his experience on his Facebook page. “You know when you go to the airport and you get put in the VIP lounge or get an upgrade? I feel I have to report those things. And this was an experience I needed to report.”


What is Enrique’s Advice to Future Patients and to Those Considering Surgery with Dr. McGann? 

I would 100% recommend Dr. McGann because:

#1 ~ Fabulous office. I am part of his niche market. Other dentists and doctors have a regular office, but this is like, wow! A first class airplane!
#2 ~ Dr. McGann treats you as a human being and he will be good with your feelings and emotions.
#3 ~ The customer service is amazing. The staff is always smiling and the atmosphere is very good. Dr. McGann will make sure that you don’t feel alone.


Attention to details makes all the difference to Enrique. Do they make a difference for you? If you, a friend, or a loved one is in need of an oral surgeon in San Diego, please don’t hesitate to have them call our office, visit our website, or send us an email. To read more patient stories, visit our website.

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