19 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth ~ How Many Are You Guilty Of?


19 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth


WebMD, a leading online health authority, recently published a slideshow of the 19 habits wrecking your teeth. How many are you guilty of? But more importantly, do you know why these habits are bad for your teeth?

1. Chewing on ice
2. Playing sports with no mouth guard
3. Bedtime bottles
4. Tongue piercings
5. Grinding teeth
6. Cough drops
7. Gummy candy
8. Soda
9. Opening stuff with your teeth
10. Sports drinks
11. Fruit drinks
12. Potato chips
13. Constant snacking
14. Chewing on pencils
15. Drinking coffee
17. Drinking red wine
18. Drinking white wine
19. Binge eating

How many of these habits do you need to break?

Click Here to view thew WebMD slide show and find out exactly why you should stop each of these today.

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