Data, Privacy & HIPAA. What Does It Mean For Me?


What Is HIPAA? And What Does It Mean For Me?

It seems these days you can’t go a full week without reading about a database hack and a breach of privacy. It is also no surprise that personal healthcare data and privacy go hand in hand. Have you been to a healthcare provider’s office and read something or been given a flyer about HIPAA? Have you wondered what it’s all about?

Well, HIPAA stands for the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which was enacted in 1996. The law was passed in part to protect employees, especially those with long-term health conditions, who might be hesitant to leave a job due to the fear that pre-existing condition clauses could limit their healthcare coverage under a new insurance plan. The law establishes that anyone with a group health insurance plan must be allowed to purchase health insurance within a specified period of time after previous coverage is lost.

In addition to the above, the legislation established a national framework for security standards and protection of confidentiality with regard to a patient’s healthcare data. This helps all of us by preventing the improper use of our personal healthcare data. At McGann Facial Design, we take your privacy very seriously and comply with all HIPAA regulations. We also use a secured website to protect your registration data. If you have a question about our privacy policy or any other question regarding your current or future care, call Dr. McGann’s office today to schedule an upcoming appointment.

To learn more about HIPAA, visit the California Department of Health Care Services Website by clicking here.

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