A Patient Story: You Can’t Handle The Tooth!

Michael Gold

Michael Gold has historically never been a fan of dental care. In fact, it took him years to find a general dentist in San Diego that he fully trusts. So when his trusted dentist told him that he needed a dental extraction of one of his teeth after a crown had broken, he naturally felt a degree of anxiety. However, trusting his dentist’s word and despite the tooth not being painful, he knew that he could not avoid the tooth being removed; so he called the oral surgeon recommended by his dentist – Dr. Grant McGann. Michael’s first impression was that McGann Facial Design was an efficient and professional practice. He was told that he could fill out the necessary registration form online before his appointment and procedure (which would be performed on the same day), saving him 20–30 minutes on the day of the visit; and he appreciated the consideration of his time.

Prior to his appointment, Michael was admittedly very nervous and had a natural degree of apprehension. Thankfully, these fears were quickly put to rest by the staff. He was surprised that the office staff actually read the registration form before his appointment! They were friendly and weren’t asking him questions that had already been answered on the registration form – again, a really good sign! Beyond knowing his details, the dental assistants were extremely friendly and answered every question in detail, never making him feel that he was pestering them with silly questions. This level of professionalism continued with his interaction with Dr. McGann, who carefully explained every detail of his proposed treatment plan – the procedure, how long it would take, anesthetic options, and the potential complications (which he thankfully never experienced).

The procedure went just as Dr. McGann had explained. After some carefully placed local anesthetic (only 3 sharp pricks!), the tooth was extracted, and Michael was on his way home. But most importantly, he went home feeling safe and comfortable. After receiving a follow-up voicemail from Dr. McGann later that day, Michael felt compelled to share his story. Not only did Dr. McGann call personally to check on him, he left his cell and home number in case Michael had any questions or concerns…he really cared about his patient’s well-being, and Michael was appreciative of that fact. In the end, Michael’s story is not about fear and apprehension, it is about how the care of an entire professional team can turn anxiety into trust and appreciation.

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