Dental Heroes: A Conversation With Dr. McGann

Dr. Grant McGann is Featured as a Dental Hero by is a leading source of dental news and education. The site features a Dental Heroes section highlighting dental providers that are making a difference in the world by giving generously of their time and talents.

Dr. McGann was featured as a Dental Hero for his volunteer efforts at Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Fresh Start is a San Diego organization that provides medical treatments to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured infants, children, and teens with a physical deformity due to birth defect, disease, accident, or abuse. Its medical program includes reconstructive surgeries, laser clinics, speech therapy clinics, and dental clinics. Enjoy this video highlighting their work.

To read the Dental Heroes: A Conversation with Dr. McGann interview –>> click here.


Are you familiar with how Dr. McGann and other volunteers from Fresh Start Surgical Gifts helped Beloved, now a young man severely injured by a land mine explosion as a youth in Zimbabwe?


Learn more about Beloved with a new smile and a new lease on life –>> Beloved’s Fresh Start Story

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