Summer is Smile Season!


Summer is Smile Season! Okay. We know it’s not really true that summer is smile season, but summer does give us all a lot of good reasons to smile. Sunshine, vacations, beaches, swimming, BBQs, camps, friends, family, what’s not to smile about? But do you know what is true? There are many positive side effects of smiling.

It Has Been Scientifically Proven That
Smiling Can Change Your Mood & Outlook 


Research has shown that smiling even when you aren’t feeling joy tricks the brain into thinking you’re actually happy. It’s a bit easier said than done, but after a few seconds, your mood is guaranteed to perk up.

Researchers have found that facial expressions in general play an important role in helping and reinforcing emotions. One way you can test this is by smiling when you feel stressed or anxious. Smiling naturally releases endorphins. And as many of you may know, endorphins make us happy.

Smiling will not only help relieve your stress and anxiety, but also lower your heart rate so you can confidently and gracefully navigate whatever comes your way. Endorphins also help people approach their work more productively and find more creative ways to solve problems.

What are you waiting for? Smile! 

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