Have a Tooth Happy Easter!

Easter BasketHave a Tooth Happy Easter!


The stores are decorated with pastels, chicks, bunnies, and lambs. Candy bars have been replaced by chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, and neon-colored Peeps. This can mean only one thing – Easter is here! Children expect to see candy from the Easter Bunny, and while it may be tempting to fill your child’s Easter basket with marshmallow chicks and jellybeans, this year you might want to skip the sweets.

Unfortunately, all the yummy treats that make us so happy don’t have the same effect on our teeth. Sugar in candy combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids, which attack the enamel of your teeth. What tastes so great in the moment can lead to cavities and other dental problems down the road.


Alternative Treat Ideas

Thankfully, there are a few things you can watch out for to ensure you can have your pearly whites and eat your Easter candy too!

  • Stay away from the hard, sticky candies – hard candies can wreak serious havoc on your teeth and destroy existing dental work like braces, crowns, and fillings. Who wants an emergency trip to the dentist on Easter?
  • Lean towards soft candies like chocolate – these are easier on your teeth and any dental work, and they also dissolve/melt faster. This means that your natural saliva is able to work faster at cleaning your teeth on its own.
  • Try sugarless options – today there are a plenty of sugar-free options available that are not only better for your teeth, but they still taste great!
  • Sugar-free gum – chewing gum creates saliva that helps to wash away acids in the mouth, protecting teeth from cavities.


Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

If you choose to avoid candy all together, here are some non-candy treats the Easter Bunny could deliver to your house this weekend:

  • Coloring books and crayons – how many little ones have you met who don’t love to color? Try buying scented crayons or markers to make it more interesting.
  • Inexpensive jewelry or toys – your children will be so excited to play, they may just forget about the candy treats they were expecting!
  • Books – there are plenty of fun Easter books available that will help keep their minds off of sweets.
  • Money or gift cards – most children today are excited to receive money (tooth fairy anyone?), and teens like gift cards to spend on items of their choice.
  • Tooth treats – if your little one loves stuffed animals, Plak Posse Palz are soft toys with “real teeth”, so kids can practice brushing and flossing on a furry friend. Musical or electric toothbrushes are also good options.


Whether or not you decide fill your Easter baskets with sweets, keep in mind that sugary foods can be tough on your teeth. A healthy lifestyle is good every day of the year and will ensure that you have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

The McGann Facial Design team wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy Easter!



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