The Power of a Smile

Smile Month

June is National Smile Month!


Smiles are a universal greeting. They make you look more pleasant and trustworthy, and smiling releases endorphins – making you feel better too! Smiling is very important for our wellbeing, as people who smile live longer, are less stressed, and are more successful in life! Take a look at the benefits hidden in the corners of your mouth, and turn that frown upside down…because when you smile, the whole world smiles with you!

All of this smiling has us wondering…

Why Don’t People Smile in Old Pictures?
1800’s – Smiling wasn’t a style in Victorian times. Other reasons: long exposure times and bad dental hygiene
1900’s – In the early 1900’s, cameras capture the smiles of Hollywood film stars. This trend became the photo standard.
1943 – “Say Cheese!” President Roosevelet is rumored to be the founder of this popular phrase. The “chh” and “ee” sounds cause our mouths to form a smile.

Is There a Difference Between a Real Smile and a Fake Smile?

Fake vs. Real Smile

Why Do We Smile?
Positivity – Smiling releases endorphins. The more you smile, the better you feel!
Reflex – Smiling is a cognitive reflex to positive aspects of life, a reaction to pleasant situations.
Joy – Smiling is an expression of joy

What Are the Health Benefits of Smiling?
Live Longer – Smiling can add 7 years to your life!
Pain Threshold – Smiling reduces effects of pain and aggression.
More Successful – On average, smilers are more content and successful
Stronger Immune System – Boosts HGH production and reduces cancer risk
Reduces Stress – Neuropeptides are released, lowering blood pressure and anxiety.

Do All Smiles Mean the Same Thing?
Types of Smiles


We at McGann Facial Design love to help our patients love their smiles. We’re doing our part…are you? In honor of National Smile Month, take a minute today to make someone smile.

Smile — sunshine is good for your teeth. ~Author Unknown



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