Welcome to The Jaw Café!

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What is Jaw Surgery Like From a Patient’s Perspective?
Wish You Could Share Your Jaw Surgery Story with Others?


Welcome to The Jaw Café!


Have you ever wished you could hear jaw surgery stories, tips, or tidbits…directly from a real patient? Or perhaps you have had your own jaw surgery and want to share your experience with others? Welcome to The Jaw Café, a sharing forum where you can not only read other patients’ stories…but share your own!

We truly appreciate all of our patients here at McGann Facial Design. Not only do we aim to help each and every patient under our care, our patients enjoy helping one another…especially our jaw surgery patients. We know this because they tell us all the time!

Over the years, our patients have learned helpful tips that they would like to share with other patients. This desire to share from a patient’s perspective was the inspiration for The Jaw Café. The goal of The Jaw Café is to serve as a forum, where our patients can post a point or two from their personal jaw surgery experience that can help others along before, during, and after their jaw surgery journey.

If you would like to submit your jaw surgery tips, or would like to just pass along some advice and words of encouragement to other patients, please visit the newest section of San Diego’s leading jaw surgery center website, The Jaw Café.

The team at McGann Facial Design and our future patients thank you in advance for taking the time to share how you FACE the world!

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