The Benefits of Office-Based Surgery

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With general advances in patient safety and care, it is possible now to perform more and more procedures in the office, as opposed to the hospital.

There are multiple benefits of office-based surgery:

 · Convenience – A visit to a single location is easier to navigate and there is generally more flexibility in scheduling.

· Lower Risk of Hospital Infections – Hospitals are great places, but they are filled with sick people! Lower the chance of a hospital-borne infection by staying out of one.

· Lower Costs – Without the need to pay for additional hospital staff, costs may be somewhat lower. Of course, this can only be determined after a review of details with a practice’s financial counselor.

· Fewer Side Effects – Office-based anesthesia has improved dramatically over the years and your provider will be able to discuss your particular options.

· Privacy & Comfort – No pre-operative and post-operative rooms with dozens of other patients.

While the benefits are clear, one needs to make sure that the clinician and the staff are properly trained, accredited, and prepared to deal with any unplanned emergencies. How does one do that? It’s simple – just ask!


Can Jaw Surgery Be Performed In The Office?                                            

Yes, today many corrective jaw procedures are safely performed in the office. In fact, Dr. Grant McGann routinely performs office-based jaw surgery in his state-of-the-art office facilities, specializing in facial design. First and foremost, Dr. McGann and his staff are fully trained to deal with all aspects of preparing and performing surgery in office, and patient safety is their top priority. Beyond safety, Dr. McGann has available all the tools to make sure cases are performed to the highest standards.

To determine if you are a candidate for office-based jaw surgery, particularly facial design, call McGann Facial Design to schedule an appointment today. Learn more here:

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