Summer School! Continuing Education is Key!

Summer School

School Never Ends When You’re an Oral Surgeon!
Continuing Education (CE) is Key!

While most of you are basking in the warm weather and heading off to enjoy the San Diego County Fair and our great beaches, Dr. Grant McGann of McGann Facial Design is busy. Busy consulting with patients and their families, performing complicated surgeries, and going to summer school!  It turns out that school never ends if you are an oral surgeon. In order to maintain in good standing with the Dental Board of California, oral surgeons must completed a set number of educational credits, which are known as continuing education (CE) credits. While the educational topics can be varied and cover a broad selection of relevant topics, everything is geared to keeping our doctors up to date and informed on those issues essential to patient care.

So the next time you shine your perfect smile at the beach, you can thank Dr. McGann and his peers for their tireless dedication to their profession. If you need your wisdom teeth removed, have problems with your bite, or suffer from sleep apnea, give McGann Facial Design a call.

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