Summer Days Are Here Again…Almost.

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Summer = Oral Surgery. Right?

The days are getting warmer and longer. This can only mean one thing…summer is almost here and it’s time to have oral surgery. We know, we know. That is what you were expecting to read, but it’s true! Summer is our busiest time of year. Many of our facial design patients schedule their procedures to coincide with their slightly lighter summer work schedule. Add the scores of students returning home in need of wisdom teeth extraction, and McGann Facial Design is busier than usual.

The truth is, that even though we are busier during the long days of summer, summer days are no different than any other day at McGann Facial Design. Why, you may ask? Because we treat every patient with the highest level of safety and professionalism, regardless of when they are seen – summer, fall, winter, or spring. Each patient receives our undivided, one-on-one, individualized care each and every day of the year.

In short, don’t put off that oral surgery procedure that you know you need. With online registration, in-office procedures, and a highly efficient staff, we will have your treatment completed in time for you to be out enjoying that warm San Diego sunshine! Call McGann Facial Design today to make an appointment,request an appointment online, or fill out an Online Registration Form. Before you know it, you’ll have sand in your toes and a beautiful smile on your face!

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