Don’t Risk Your Healthy, Active Lifestyle – Protect Your Face!


Pink MGPrevention is Key. Wear a Mouthguard!

In San Diego, a healthy, active lifestyle seems to come naturally for most of us. Given our climate and mixed landscapes, people of all ages are regularly outside enjoying everything from a walk to extreme sports.

We wanted to take this opportunity to talk about protecting your face and smile with some simple moves. Why now? It turns out that April is National Facial Protection Month and with the natural increase in activity during the Spring, the timing is perfect. This month is, in part, sponsored by the American Association of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) of which Dr. Grant McGann is a member.

One common tool used to protect against oral injury is a mouthguard. When should you use a mouthguard? Which sports? What time of year? The answer is actually very simple. Wear a mouth guard ANY time you participate in sports. If contact to the face is possible, insertion of a mouthguard can protect against serious damage. A simple investment can protect that beautiful smile of yours.

At McGann Facial Design, we can answer any questions you may have about facial injuries sustained as a result of sports activities; and more importantly, how to prevent them. We have treated many patients with facial trauma, and getting your smile back is our passion! Call or write McGann Facial Design to schedule an appointment today.

To read more about preventing facial injuries while playing sports, visit the ADA website at

To read more and watch a video about mouthguards visit the ADA MouthHealthy website at

To read more about facial protection and how to choose the proper type of mouthguard, visit the AAOMS website at and click on “Consumer Mouthguards”





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