A Patient Story: As Good As It Could Be

Frank Wahl is 90 years old. And he has a long story to go along with his years – both personal and dental. But, he assures us, “I’m sure you don’t want to hear all that at this time.” Years ago, in his youth, he broke off 4 of his front teeth. As a result of that trauma, those front teeth were ground down, and his dentists placed gold posts upon which permanent teeth were attached. Fast forward to his young adult years and his entry into the armed forces. Unfortunately, he developed some problems with those gold-posted implants, and they were replaced by a bridge. That bridge, thankfully, has lasted for over 62 years!

No stranger to extensive dental work, Frank found himself in need of some more help of the dental kind. A piece of tooth had broken off, and it had become painful. His dentist ultimately advised removal of the tooth, and recommended that Dr. Grant McGann handle the extraction. His experience with Dr. McGann is summed up in this simple statement: “I would recommend him to anyone as my local dentist did. I think he is the best dentist.”

Frank started with calling the office to schedule an appointment with the team at McGann Facial Design, and was scheduled to have the work done the very next day. His first impression? “Let me say to start with that the personnel are really, really wonderful people.” He found that the staff treated him well, were friendly, and that the office was “extremely clean and very nice.”

Dr. McGann confirmed that the tooth needed to be removed. As it so happens, Frank has known people to have molars removed; and as he recounts, it was a really terrible deal for them. But Dr. McGann put his mind at ease, making it clear that there would be some pain with the extraction, and that as with any procedure, there were risks associated. But Frank was ready. After having his front 4 teeth knocked out, one back molar couldn’t be that bad! Right?

The extraction was scheduled for the next day. Frank required local anesthesia and received that in the form of a shot. Frank asked about the medications on the instrument tray due to his current medication regimen, and Dr. McGann welcomed the inquiry, answering all of his questions thoroughly and completely. The tooth needed to be broken into two pieces to be removed, but according to Frank, Dr. McGann did it “very fast and really, really knows what he’s doing. I can tell you the truth. He said the pain would last 8 or more hours. But it didn’t last 2 hours and it wasn’t severe…and I had no after effects! It was as good as it could be.”

After the appointment, he was contacted by the McGann team to ensure that he was doing well. Dr. McGann called the next day….all was good and great! Overall, Frank’s experience was as many other patients’ experiences. Smooth sailing. He says of Dr. McGann, “He is a real businesslike person…he came in and did what he was going to do.” And that, as Frank likes to say, “is as good as it could be.”

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