McGann Facial Design Expanding


First Peek – McGann Facial Design’s
New Operating Room!


We are pleased to share with our patients and the greater San Diego dental community that we recently completed an expansion of McGann Facial Design by adding one additional in-office operating room suite. From state-of-the-art technology to a great view of the sunshine outside, the new room is a great addition to our practice. We have always believed that a clean, modern facility is best for our patients and staff, and this room is no different.

Why did we build it? Well, the new operating theater allows us to keep up with our increasing procedure demand. In addition, you have spoken and we listened – our patients prefer to have their procedures done in our private facility. By adding capacity, we are investing in shorter wait times for our current and future patients. As more and more procedures are routinely performed in our office setting, we took the opportunity to build, and patients today are reaping the benefits.

Whenever we discuss in-office procedures, we like to take the opportunity to remind prospective patients that safety is always our number one concern. From anesthesia to post-operative care, our facilities are compliant with all local and state laws and our staff are regularly trained on emergency procedures. Even when armed with the all of the information, a prospective patients may still have questions about in-office procedures…no problem! Please give our office a call and ask away. And by the way, we won’t be offended if you ask for the new operating room!

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