Happy Chief Medical Officer Day?

With our minds and hearts celebrating all the wonderful mothers in our lives, it is worth noting that mom is also usually the CMO of the household. CMO? You got it, Chief Medical Officer. According to a US Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration Fact Sheet, mothers make “approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their children and are more likely to be the caregivers when a child falls ill.” Furthermore, according to Dr. Hetal Choxi, a primary care provider at the Oregon Health State University Center for Women’s Health, “women are often more vigilant, not only about their own health but about the health of those they care about.” Added Dr. Choxi, the most important supporting factor for women to make good health care decisions is to have a strong relationship with a provider they trust.

And there it is again, the T word. Trust, in any practice environment, rests with the doctor. At McGann Facial Design, this starts and ends with Dr. McGann. There is a lot that goes into becoming a board-certified oral surgeon: years of training, peer-review, lifelong learning, upholding standards to name a few. Embedded within these actions is the concept of beneficence; the concept of doing good for a patient. Doing what is right for people sits at the heart of Dr. McGann’s approach to patient care and is a driving force for the trust our patients put in our care.

So please do not only celebrate your mom, but listen to her as your Chief Medical Officer!

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