Fun Easter Candy Facts…Have a Tooth-Friendlier Easter


Happy Easter BannerThe McGann Facial Design Team Wishes You and Yours a Very Happy Easter!


Did You Know? Some Fun Easter Candy Facts:

  • Americans spend $1.9 billion on Easter candy. That’s the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, in 2001, Americans consumed seven billion pounds of Easter candy.
  • Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps during the Easter holiday. This makes Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.
  • 16 billion jelly beans are made exclusively for Easter! That is enough jelly beans to fill a plastic egg the size of a nine story building!
  • 90 million chocolate bunnies are made for Easter every year. 76% of Americans prefer to bite off the ears first, while 5% eat the feet first, and 4% eat the tail first.


Have a Tooth-Friendlier Easter:

These fun candy facts are not meant to keep you from your favorite treats! There’s no getting around it…Easter means the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, and Easter candy. While we would love to suggest healthier options for your Easter basket, we are realists – most children (and adults too!) are going to expect candy-filled baskets. So if there is a sweet filled basket in your future, here’s a plan to help mitigate the effects of all that sugar:

  • Try to brush after sugary treats.
  • Keep water handy to help rinse away the sugar.
  • Choose chocolate over chewy candies. Chewy candies stick to the teeth. Chocolate doesn’t linger in the mouth for quite as long as jelly beans or Peeps.
  • Put a toothbrush in the Easter basket. We are guessing that nobody will open the toothbrush first, but it’s a good way to show you care!


Whether you are a Peeps person, a chocolate person, or a jelly bean person…from all of us here at McGann Facial Design, we wish you and yours a Happy Easter holiday!

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