The Connection Between Comic-Con and Oral Surgery?


It is that time of the year here in San Diego — Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013. The city swarms with fans, gamers, celebrities, animators, artists, filmmakers, and media-types focused on the biggest and newest in popular culture. Of course, superheroes are always part of the attraction. And here is where the intersection of oral surgery and Comic-Con lies.

If you have tooth pain and it is determined that you need a tooth removed, an oral surgeon can quickly become your superhero. We are all guilty of not appreciating our oral health until something goes wrong. Then, a small issue quickly becomes a large emergency, because eating and drinking is central to our daily lives. Oral surgeons are exactly the professionals we need in these stressful times — they can carefully map out and remove the affected tooth while minimizing the trauma to surrounding structures. On top of that, oral surgeons like Dr. Grant McGann are experts in dental anesthesia and can turn an anxiety filled visit into a pleasant experience — the hallmark of a true superhero.

If you have been told you need an oral surgeon, please call Dr. Grant McGann of McGann Facial Design to schedule an initial consultation.

Oh. And if you’re going to Comic-Con…here’s a useful link:



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