Summer Is Over! It’s Time To Go Back-To-School!


It’s Back-to-School time! This past Sunday was the official first day of Fall…a time when students all across the country brush off their backpacks, head back to the classroom, and get back to the task of learning. However, at McGann Facial Design, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more about becoming the best practice we can be, regardless of the time of year. Why? Our mission is to provide the best oral surgery care and experience to our current and future patients.

Beyond striving to improve our own practice, we like to share our learning experiences with others. As such, we are proud to be hosting an upcoming workshop on October 3rd entitled “Growing Your Practice….It’s Easier Than You Think” directed toward dentists, orthodontists, specialists, and their staff. Topics will include:
• The 5 myths of running a successful practice
• The 3 skills every member of your staff must have for growing a sustainable practice
• How to empower your entire staff to bring out your very best work
• The single fastest strategy for building a highly profitable practice

We are thrilled to have a distinguished practice coach, Greg Clowminzer, come speak on how dental practices and their staff can work together to enhance the entire patient experience. Greg is a pioneering business coach with over 10,000 hours of real-time coaching experience. Greg coaches and consults with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals; helping them clarify their vision, create uniques strategies for success, and develop the necessary skills for being a true leader.

If you are or know of a dental practice in the San Diego area who would like to attend this free workshop event, please contact McGann Facial Design.


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