Always A Good Reminder — Safety & Trust

How is that New Year’s resolution going? Still strong? We hope so! One resolution, or mission, we never change at McGann Facial Design is the unwillingness to compromise on patient safety.

When we, or one of our loved ones visit any healthcare professional, we naturally want caring and compassionate care. But besides what we want, what do we need? We believe this answer comes down to two key principles which drive our mission.


We strive, at all levels, to make every patient as safe as possible for every procedure. Take a step back and ask, what does that exactly mean? How do you create safety? Well, it starts with Dr. McGann—as a board-certified oral surgeon, he has the training, expertise, and knowledge in all aspects in caring for the oral surgery patient. This continues with a dedication to working only with certified and continuously trained surgical and anesthetic technicians, having life-saving equipment at the ready as part of our accreditation process, and ultimately never forgetting how important each and every one of our patients are to ours and their family.


This also starts and ends with Dr. McGann. There is a lot that goes into becoming a board-certified oral surgeon: years of training, peer-review, lifelong learning, upholding standards to name a few. Embedded within these actions is the concept of beneficence; the concept of doing good for a patient. Doing what is right for people sits at the heart of Dr. McGann’s approach to patient care and is a driving force for the entire practice.

You may not want to visit the oral surgeon, but you likely need to visit the oral surgeon. With that in mind, keep at the top of your mind safety and trust—it has served our patients well for years.

Visit the patient resource section of our website to learn more about our approach to safety & trust. And as always, if you have any questions, please give the office a call.

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